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Voting Equipment

Hundreds of jurisdictions — and millions of voters — trust Premier Election Solutions to support one of the most important constitutional rights: the right to vote.

We offer a full range of products and services for election automation, including comprehensive election management software, an electronic voter registration system, absentee voting systems, optical scan solutions, and touch-screen voting stations. We offer the industry's most comprehensive line of electronic election solutions, designing every solution with ease-of-use, accuracy, and security as our primary focus.



Reach new levels of accuracy and simplicity with Premier's optical scan voting system

AccuVote®-OS is a precinct and central accumulation optical scan voting system that brings a new level of accuracy and simplicity to conducting elections. The compact, easy-to-use AccuVote-OS tabulator uses robust, integrated system components to streamline and simplify the entire election process.

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Achieve new levels of accuracy and accessibility with Premier's evolutionary touch-screen voting system.

The self-contained AccuVote®-TSX provides election officials and voters with a proven and intuitive voting solution that is accurate, lightweight, and cost-effective. It automatically records and stores encrypted ballot information and election results. Each unit features intelligent voter card technology for unassisted, private voter activation.

The AccuVote-TSX prevents over-voting within a specific race, and displays a review page that shows all candidate selections to help eliminate under-voting. It also offers a variety of different languages on a single voting station, electronic provisional balloting, advanced audio voice-guidance capabilities, and printed vote verification through the optional AccuView® Printer Module. Click here to view product sheet for AccuVote-TS.

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AccuView Printer

AccuView® Printer Module

Enable secure, accurate vote verification with the AccuView® Printer Module

The AccuView Printer Module is an optional component to Premier's AccuVote-TSX touchscreen voting solution. The paper-based, voter verifiable printer module enables voters using Premier touch screen voting stations to visually verify their selections before casting their ballot with a clear, accurate printout of their selections, which is viewable through a transparent window in the unit.